Room Spray 60 ml | Pazari

Room Spray 60 ml | Pazari

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Pazari Room Spray scent draws you down laneways enlivening your senses at every turn. Herbaceous corridors lined with soothing sage and green cucumber. Wander into the heart of wild lavender, chamomile, violet, and Bois de rose. Musk wraps around accents of cedar and rose to envelop you as you go.

Refresh your room and your senses with a spritz of our Pazari Room Spray.

Scent notes: Sage, Cucumber, Chamomile

Ingredients: Alcohol, Aqua (distilled water), fragrance (parfum)

• Made in Australia

• Cruelty-free & vegan

• Cosmetic-grade fragrance

• Long-lasting

Made in Australia