A dark, rich green voucher for Denatured's perfume creation sessions. It has gold text with white blank boxes to be filled out. The vouchers are meant to be used for private or two-person custom perfume creation sessions in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The voucher is laying on a black marble counter with a dark, rich green ribbon laying across the top of the voucher as decoration.

Perfume Creation Sessions

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Do you want to create a custom fragrance? 

Our private and two person perfume creation sessions are the best way to create the most authentic fragrance for you!

You (or you and your BFF) will come in for a 1.5-hour session to meet with our perfumer where you will learn about your fragrance preferences, the basics of perfumery and be able to use our luxury accords to blend your own custom perfume.

At the end of the session, you’ll walk away with a full-size 50 ml fragrance, a 10 ml spray bottle and the option to refill your formula any time you want for only $75. If you do a session for two, both of you will walk away with a full-size perfume!  

Our current pricing is $125 for a private session and $225 for a session for two. 

With your purchase you receive a physical voucher by mail, free of charge, with all of the session details and a voucher number which will be used to book your session via email! Sessions run every weekday evening, and can be booked as little as one week in advance.