Who We Are


Denatured is an open-access perfume lab, olfactory workshop space and lifestyle boutique in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 

As an open-access perfume lab, we specialize in creating your own personalized perfume, crafted to perfection by our in-house perfumer. 

We believe everyone deserves to explore the endless possibilities of fragrance and discover something new when they walk into our doors. With over 400 fragrance ingredients to choose from, we always encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and "signature scent." 

We want to lift the veil from the perfume industry by offering open studio sessions where you can stop by to explore our shop, learn about perfumery and smell to your heart (or nose's) content. 

But we don't stop there. Not only do we sell magic in a bottle, but we are also a lifestyle boutique which will offer our own line of eau de parfum (Coming Spring 2021!), housewares, cocktail and coffee supplies, stationery and independent magazines. 

With that said, we hope you'll join us when we open our doors. 

If you have any questions for us, please visit our Contact page. 


Tom Jansen 

Tom Jansen is the owner and in-house perfumer here at Denatured, but you may recognize him as one of the former co-owners of Coal and Canary. 

Before deciding to open Denatured, Tom was previously selected as one of twelve people across the world to study in an intensive perfumer training degree in Grasse, France, also known as "the perfume capital of the world." He has since worked in London, where he helped develop a successful online perfumery course! 

Tom wants to share how cool perfumery is with everyone, and says he gets so jazzed sharing his passion for it. He wants to help as many people as possible find out how fragrance speaks to them (trust us - it's fun!)

Tom has been strangely fascinated by fragrance for as long as he can remember. When he thinks of his childhood, he says the first things that come to mind are scents. Everything from the lilac bushes he had in his yard, to the way the grass smelled after it was mowed, to the sickly sweet almond smell of Play-Doh. The power scent has to evoke these memories is why Tom pursued fragrance as a professional career.

We hope you can stop by when we open our doors so you can be besties with Tom!