PREORDER - Take-Home Perfume Creation Kits

PREORDER - Take-Home Perfume Creation Kits

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Experience our Perfume Creation Sessions from home with our brand new Take-Home Kits! 

Choose between a Fresh + Woody and a Floral + Sweet kit and be able to make endless combinations of luxury fragrances!

Each kit contains:

- 10 exclusive luxury blends (15mL each) formulated by our perfumer and specially made to be mixed together in endless combinations to create unique, one of a kind fragrances

- Pipettes, Scent Strips and Graduated Cylinder to mix your creations

- Detailed instructions to complete the process plus formula sheets to track your creations.

- 3 10mL spray bottles to take your creations on the go!

Each kit contains 150mL of perfume (3x more than our in-person workshops) and allows you to complete the experience many times and make up to 15 different fragrances!

The blends included in each kit are as follows:


1) Spiced Bergamot 

2) Blood Orange + Juniper

3) Marine Breeze

4) Midnight Orris

5) Salted Coconut

6) Warm Amber

7) Salted Driftwood

8) Sun-Kissed Santal

9) Amber Spice

10) Cardamom Flower



1) Spiced Bergamot

2) Gourmand Candy

3) Jasmine Peach

4) Rose + Rhubarb

5) Warm Amber

6) Coco Cream

7) Summer Peach

8) Cashmere Woods

9) Cherry Tobacco

10) Sweet Musk

Limited quantities of each are available and preorders will begin to be filled as of November 1st!