Introducing Our Latest Fragrances

Introducing Our Latest Fragrances

For the past few months, our perfumer Tom has been hard at work in the lab blending, smelling, blending more, and smelling even more on an exciting new release — Lab Work.


He describes this latest release as, “Lab Work is a limited-edition seasonal fragrance release that highlights one specific perfumery ingredient. Each fragrance is born out of my inspirations from that specific season and is a place to test new creative ideas, unique pairings and challenge my ideas and perception of perfumery.”


These fragrances are the result of many blood, sweat and tears — so without further ado, allow us to introduce you to Lab Work Spring 2021, and Lab Work Winter 2021.

Spring 2021

This fragrance has top notes of bergamot, lemon, mandarin and pink pepper, heart notes of incense and amber woods, and base notes of dry amber, fir balsam and white musk.


But the main inspiration for this fragrance came from what we believe to be the most interesting and complex citrus fruit used in perfumery — bergamot. Bergamot is the fragrant citrus fruit of the Citrus bergamia, a small evergreen tree which blossoms in the winter.


The juice of a bergamot tastes less sour than a lemon, but more bitter than a grapefruit, which explains why bergamot has become popular in perfumery, as opposed to something we eat for breakfast or make into juice.


In true citrus character, bergamot is zesty and sparkling, but its character also comes through in its aromatic and woody facets. You’ll usually encounter it as a top note and used in different proportions typically within chypre and fougère fragrances. It gives a fresh, airy, and uplifting quality, which is also known to be calming. Did you know, according to a 2013 study, bergamot oil significantly reduced anxiety in patients awaiting outpatient surgery?


Now, we’re not saying slap on some of our perfume before you go in for surgery. But don’t be surprised if a wave of calm and freshness makes you buy it (no complaints here).

Winter 2021

This fragrance has top notes of pink pepper, heart notes of orris root, myrrh and olibanum, and base notes of amber, vanilla bean, dark chocolate and patchouli.


The inspiration for this fragrance came from the Orris root — one of the most precious ingredients used in perfumery, which also comes with a heart-stopping price tag. What makes the orris root so expensive? The orris, from the ‘bulbs’ of the iris plant, are odourless when first harvested, and take three to four years in a cool, dry place to mature — they also need protection against fungus and insect attack which would destroy the harvest. The longer it ages, the more of the molecule irone comes out and makes it more precious to perfumers.


Olfactively, Orris root is rooty and woody in the direction of cedar, but also deep, warm and powdery with a hint of raspberry. In our eyes, this is the ultimate comfort fragrance for when you need that little bit of extra loving.


You can shop Winter 2021 here and Spring 2021 here.

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