Your Fragrance, your way!

We mix the luxury of high-quality fragrance with the pleasure of personalization.

Get a sneak peak into the fascinating world of perfumery and craft a luxury fragrance that is uniquely you. Our expert perfumer will guide you through every step of the process and you'll leave with a luxury fragrance that is custom crafted for you, by you.



  • "I enjoyed my session so much. I talked about it for days, and it was fun and educational! I've had many people compliment me on my perfume! Tom shares his expertise and brilliance. I cannot wait to come back."

    - Lynn F

  • "The session was incredible and exceeded all of my expectations. I love my new scent but the best part was how educational it was. Tom clearly loves what he does and that was great to witness. I know I'll be back."

    - Adam J

  • "I absolutely loved my time at Denatured! My mom and I went for a session and Tom was so great explaining and making it fun yet educating. I definitely will be coming back with friends!"


Piper & Perro

Check out our founder's fragrance line, Piper & Perro!

Piper & Perro is a luxury genderless fragrance brand for those who break the mold and defy expectations. Each fragrance combines traditionally masculine and feminine notes to create scents that fully represent the spectrum of our colourful identities and personalities.

Check it out!